Monday, March 2, 2009

Abnormal is the New Normal

Well I had hoped for a normal week this week. Ha. My darling daughter has already squashed that idea by Sunday, 4pm. She got out of the shower covered in some weird rash on her right torso. As soon as she dried off and dressed, off we went to the urgent care clinic to check it out. With our family's history of cellulitis, we simply don't fool around with any skin issues.

Almost two hours later, I am dashing home to toss the antibiotic prescription and skin cream medication prescription into dear husband's hands. DD and I wolf down a sandwich (her) and cold pizza (me) and dash off to another DD event obligatory Parental meeting while DH finishes taxes and then fills scripts for me.

DD was supposed to do HOMEWORK at the event meeting, but instead she and her friends watched a movie. Came home to wait for her to finish HW, rub cream on her, give meds and then she was so tired, we opted to let her sleep in so she'd be rested for the ridiculous mythology exam she has this morning.

This morning, I get up and fake the doctor note so I don't use up another "parent excuse" for her absence at first period (WHAT A PAIN THAT IS!!!)--yes, I will stoop to rewriting the receipt because I DON'T WANT TO WASTE ANOTHER VALUABLE MINUTE at the Urgent Care Clinic. Enough valuable time has been wasted there.

Now I am still wondering when I will get at least 45 minutes of "writing" hahahaha.... as I have to deal with all this other baloney like grocery shopping, tearing down a houseguest's bed and washing linens, doing my own bloody laundry, and getting my paperwork started.

But I've learned to surrender to the madness. Today I will not fight the anti writing Gods as I am in revision mode and am waiting to hear back from my friends re: my MSS. So I will send my MSS to another writing buddy, start reading through my one friend's critique if I get my other boring chores accomplished, and try to squeeze in organizing my PRO paperwork. At least that will put my brain in writing mode for tomorrow.

I don't have to look for things to keep me busy and preoccupied as my goal is to have nothing standing in my way as I write. People who say they don't have enough time to start and finish a project aren't looking for the time as far as I am concerned.

And that is the difference between me and people who say they want to do something like write a book, get published, get a career, make some money, and follow their dreams. I DO it, regardless of the boulders standing in my way.

And that is why I believe, one day, I will be published. Because I know I can find time to do what I love, even if it is only for an hour, and that I can fight for more time to become available to pursue my dream of being published because I DO IT.

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