Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Lot to Juggle and A Lot to Write

As I head into the next week, I know I will be unable to focus all my energy on my writing. A part of me is very frustrated by that knowledge, but the truth is, I have to run my household. I have fallen behind on filling out paperwork for my daughter's and my eligibility to regain my Dutch citizenship. I have got items to return to BB&B. I have to hunt for missing receipts for taxes. I have to do tons of laundry, clean house, cook meals, and finish planning my vacation for spring break.

It's frustrating. I want to just jump back in, but it'll be tippy toes first. And to top it all off, I am very tired. I think I am getting a sinus infection and I know that will bugger up my good intentions. Because I still have to do the house stuff. And if I am sick, all my leftover bits of energy will go into those chores.

And my brain is sort of full of stuff I don't need in it and I want to pull it out and park it somewhere else so it all doesn't distract me from focusing on my writing.

How do professional writers without maids and personal assistants manage to do it all? I guess they are like me. How do other writers manage, ones like me who aren't paid? I could see my husband's eyes glaze over when I moaned about wanting to get back into writing. He's seen the entire household turned upside down for two weeks now and he is missing my being able to juggle house and writing and child for him. But I don't blame him. He's been great and has picked up the most important balls for me and kept them in the air.

Now they are tossed back to me.

Hope I manage to keep them up in the air long enough to get through this week without getting sick.

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