Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Sick Day

Well we're on day two of illness here and I am forgetting about getting any meaningful writing done between now and the end of our vacation to Disney. I have to get so much done for the trip, and I can't do that with a sick kid at home. Plus, there's a strong possibility I'll get it, too. Not sure it was food poisoning as my DD developed a fever four hours after her last episode of vomiting. God I don't want this right now.

Anyway, that means my whole week is a bust as of yesterday. And I have a root canal on Tuesday, so that day is a bust. And we're supposed to leave on Friday for the trip. ARGH.

I am reading a lot about writing. Mostly online info for the PRO loop about agents/editors and how to get past the slush pile and into publication. It feels like an uphill battle. And so many of the authors trying to get published on the PRO loop seem way more ahead of me with their blogs, their websites, email signatures, and more. I can't wrap my head around it at all. I am still in major writing mode.

I did go through the RWA Report and I saw a lot of possibilities with smaller presses. I guess the question I have to ask myself if do I want to settle for less just to get published or do I want to hold out for more and keep banging on the big company doors? I don't know. The point is to get my name out there. If I can sell, even for a little, then I am able to write this off on taxes. I am able to eventually promote myself in other ways. And I am officially published. Just not in a big house like HQN--everyone's dream.

Perhaps if I just throw it all out there, the right answer will come. Eventually. I think I need to quit worrying about the future of my publication chances when the real goal is to make it happen. All in good time. I guess. And it is totally a numbers game. I know that.

Well, off to hydrate me, and the dear sick daughter. And they off to the doctor for a confirmation of an illness and to get a bloody note for the state of AL and their dumb rules.

BLAH. Due to the irresponsible backward behavior of some parents, I must go get a note like I am an errant child to prove my daughter's illness. Ridiculous!!

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