Friday, February 13, 2009

Ready, Set, Go....

Today is my last day to "relax" before I start BIAW. Well, relax is a relative term. First, grocery store for the upcoming weekend events and week of writing ahead of me. Second, a long walk and talk with my good friend across the street. Third, laundry (need I say more?), fourth, clean the kitchen, and fifth read through my notes for the writing.

So far, I've managed to get a lot of stuff accomplished regarding my writing goals. Except querying. I think I will wait now till March. I want to have a CLEAR head for the week and if I query book 3, I will have those characters wanting to bust out of my subconscious, not my new characters. So, that one thing did not get accomplished.

But I have managed to get a lot of prep work done, I've gotten my PRO status which will help me in my career--way more opportunities to meet with agents and editors because of the PRO status--and I've found a new place to research cops and robbers. Aha! Perfect for my 4th book.

I have also decided to retitle the third book: Sweet Sensations instead of Too Sweet to Eat. A recipe for sweet sensations... and I think for my query I will write a letter that is more like a back cover on a BLAZE. Seriously, I checked the website at HQN and they still have the sample query from 2004!! That is so old. I want to pep it up a notch.

So, wrote my ideas down, on a post-it. Those seem to work for me. And I'll just pop that into my TSTE novel box and let it "simmer" till I am finished the BIAW.

I'm excited about it. I think it will be a great experience. I've already learned a lot about myself as a writer as a result. The goal is to get FASTER and more efficient in the first draft process. All the GMC and so forth will probably reveal itself to me in revision time.

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