Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BIAW is so Cool

I have over 30 scene cards to play around with as I approach the first draft writing week. I am adding to them daily. Ideas keep popping into my head. I've learned to keep post-it notes in the bathroom because I tend to get very inspired while showering! It's very exciting.

I haven't done all my check list tasks, but I am edging in the direction of completing them all. Querying is the biggest problem I have. I keep hoping if I win a contest, I'll get the "call." But so far, that hasn't happened. And I am on the fence about entering too many contests. They tend to force one to focus on the first 30 pages and not on the rest of the book. As it is, I feel I must focus on the ending again before I send it out even though I know that the editors of publishing houses request the first three chapters most often, rather than the entire book.

I will continue to enter contests that provide opportunities for solid feedback, offer good final round judges who are editors in publishing houses I am targeting, and my local chapters' contests to support my local chapter. But after that I feel it is a money loser for me. I need to spend my money on stamps and paper for queries.

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