Saturday, February 21, 2009

And Now??

I am still flying high about the book being finished. I can't wait to revise it (after I go back into the third one and tinker with it a bit more and query it). Best of all, I feel very strongly about the main characters. They are good people and I believe my readers will, if given a chance to read about them, connect with the story. I know my personal theme, the thread running throughout all my stories.

Home, love, finding that soft place to fall. I believe in it in a fairy tale way, and I know it can continue to happen in a real way if two people are willing to work very hard at their relationship.

After I finished the 4th book, I found myself imagining these two wonderful people AFTER the happily ever after and I smiled.

They'll make it to the end of days because they have learned to love what's inside a person's outer shell.

Isn't that what we all want? Acceptance?

And my darling husband. My first hero, who is by far quite worn around the edges after 23 years of marriage but on the inside he's my Hugh Jackman, celebrated with me last night. He supported me all week with my endeavor. This crazy idea I had that I'd finish a first draft in a week. And that's when one knows one has a great guy or gal. That's the person who slogs along with you when you are in the trenches, and then celebrates with you at the local watering hole when you are victorious.

And we drank champagne, ate lovely appetizers, and I got another idea for a new book.

Life is good.

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