Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forced to Relax

I'm gearing up for the BIAW Intensive writing week, starting this Saturday. Well, I have LIST THIS LONG from toes to shoulders to complete before I am BICHOK in a big way. But all of that went the hell in a handbasket due to a weird allergic reaction while stripping the sheets from the bed. I must have gotten a strange touch reaction to the shellfish in hubby and dear daughter's clothes/bed sheets or something, and I had a swelling lip. I popped two benadryl, called my neighbor and went over to her house to wait it out. Popped another benadryl and now am free of swelling, but unable to stand hardly due to the side effects of the benardyl. It is the worst. Now my entire afternoon of good deeds is SHOT.


and my plan to start tomorrow is out the window.

STUPID SHELLFISH And really could my people be any more STUPID?????

All I am capable of doing is showering and dressing--maybe.

What a waste!!


Kasaka said...

Yikes! Big hugs! Thank goodness nothing worse than swelling, but I can imagine your frustration. Hope you feel better soon!

Christine said...

Yeah. I will use the experience in the third book for one of my heroine's reactions. It really is a total pain in the butt.

I am getting ready to go see an alelrgist again because I simply don't know what else is out there lurking to cause the problems.