Monday, February 16, 2009

Book in a Week-Day Three

Well I woke up tired, and my head wasn't at all filled with much of anything, but I didn't let it worry me. I figured something would happen to jog my juices. Just the simple fact of WRITING gives me ideas if I push myself to do it. First breakfast, driving my darling daughter to school to work on a musical rehearsal, then home to write. And I did write a lot. A little over 3000 words in the morning. Then off to Wendy's to get dd a lunch for rehearsal, then home to write again. Wii break... must move... lunch anyone? Is chocolate a healthy snack? Brie Cheese? Well, it worked for me. More writing--more ideas--going with the flow. Added a few scenes not plotted out, realized I love love love to be in their heads (a big No No in contests--very little introspection allowed), and that is revealing so much to me about who my main characters are. What their motivations are, their inner and outer conflicts (I was nursed on original HQNs and learned to chew on Nora Roberts and I love old fiction, Willa Cather and more--so I think my natural writing is about the feelings and thoughts). I'm beginning to understand my people's hearts. Their souls are emerging. And that is why I love to write. I love people. I love to know what makes them tick. Grand totals: over 7,000 words!! Yeah!And I think I am on scene 17 now--I love writing a first draft. I am happy writing it because it is FOR ME. I missed this a lot. I'd forgotten what it was like to write for ME, and no one else!! Between critique partners, contest suggestions, and revisions for a year punctuated only by a move, well I'd forgotten how much FUN it is to write a first draft.

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