Wednesday, February 18, 2009

BIAW-Day 5

I reached the mid-week hurdle and the worst part was my poor, sore derriere.I had to take my laptop into the living room and sit on the love seat tomake headway. Man, does my tush hurt! Wii balance at mid point today helped(hello? I am the champion of snow boarding now!)I forged ahead and made it through a few sex scenes (usually I write: insert sex scene here and fill in later but hand wave in front of face, why not layer now??), and then I was just so flippin' tired.

But that niggling issue re: my hero's role in the book bugged me to death.So I hopped into the shower, washed my hair with lavender mint shampoo, and voila, the solution arrived. I went to my chair and churned out another2-3000 random words-noted the change for revisions, and voila, I added a total of 6,633 words!

Now, I still think someone should invent waterproof index cards and pens.seriously.

Some of it is not lovely, but it is making me smile. I have a lot of wordsto fix!! And I like that!!

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