Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wait, Watch and Learn

Now that the big high of the RWA conference is over, I am in LIMBO. Currently, I am waiting for feedback from a CP regarding the book that's been requested. Oh, it is hard to wait. But better to wait rather than not. I want the most polished piece out there. Period. The good news is one CP has sent back her comments and no story points are under revision. So I am looking at line edits. And the other CP called from Sandals (bless her for reading while on vacation) and loves the revisions and only has LINE EDITS. Whew.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, boredom sets in as I wait for the edits. And I am the type that is bored into rebellion. That means I am seriously causing trouble online on a forum... but at least I'm not causing it on FB. But I should ... evil laugh. Really... I must start writing tomorrow.

I do have my revision ideas percolating for the fourth book and a fifth on the tickle shelf. Must start that soon. And my DD is going to start school in a week so I will have time to write again...

The final push is about to begin and I can't wait. My fingers are getting itchy.

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