Monday, August 3, 2009

An Ordinary Extraordinary Day

I woke up this morning with the usual to-do list scrambling around my head. I admit, I've neglected the in-box of papers and letters for a while. Heck, forms might need filling out and bills might need paying. Who needs that aggravation? But I had it on my list and I was going to hit it--today.

Why? Because I must be patient and wait for my final edits from my wonderful CP who is on vacation.

I am not good at waiting and would have sent off the entire kit a week ago.

Good think I listened to my inner gut and sat on my hands.

I walked with my neighbor, read the paper, showered, and the phone rang. I rarely answer the phone if I am dripping wet and only in my skivvies, but I heard GRWA announced by my DH's nifty announcer and I figured I should answer it just in case I had a problem with an editor/agent appointment for the Moonlight and Magnolia's Conference.

So padded to the kitchen in skivvies.

Answered phone.

"It's Kim from GRWA"--"Yes?" I asked.... "You are a finalist in the Maggies," she answers...

I am no longer concerned about waking my teen or the fact that I am wearing only a bra and panties... which I believe I say to Kim. She has her toddler at home so she understands completely.

I blather on incoherently, ask some questions, have no idea what to expect, and then we say goodbye.

I was in shock. I was over the moon, a cliche jumping around in her skivvies till my DD joined me out in the family room, sleepy-eyed and mumbling about some beautiful boy she'd been dreaming about, and then reality hit.

Despite the incredible high, laundry awaits and so does ironing.

This is the glamor life of an unpublished writer.

But what is now rolling through my brain is the idea that had I submitted the requests a few days ago, I wouldn't have known to include this amazing news.... and it is very wonderful news to share.


MaryC said...

Congratulations, Christine!!!!

I remember a similar scenario when I got my first GH call. I'd been dealing with squirrels in my ceiling and suddenly I was blabbing to the GH coordinator that I didn't care about the squirrels because I was a GH finalist.

M&M is going to be that much more fun for you now!

Christine said...

Thanks, Mary! I am very happy. I have not been focused at all since that call. I can't wait to go to M&M.