Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A List of the Third Manuscript's Frequently Used Words

I am combing through the MS with a nit comb, and attempting to remove or replace all the repetitive words and phrases. I spent the majority of Tuesday working on eliminating the word "it."

"It" was NOT fun.

I am also desperately trying to add about 500 words to the MS (the irony does not escape me). Editing "it" out of the MS did not help. Nope. Not one bit.

Did anyone every notice that "edit" ends in "it?" This is how ugly the process feels at the moment.

However, I managed to toss most of the dastardly "it" words into the editing garbage pail. Now I'm onto other words:

The List (Drum Roll Please)

*taste (the book is about a cake decorator -- I'm in trouble!)
*lick(ed) (yes, there is sex)
*press(ed)--okay -- there is a lot of sex
*drew/draw/drawing/drawing near (argh)
*lift(ed) -- okay--really fun sex with super great locations
*bolt (I love my frequently used words to rhyme
*tousled (hey, why not have tousled hair?)
*walk(ed)--who lopes?
*ran (usually a character' fingers and hands are involved)
*soft (why????)
*hit (as in "hit the hay" or "hit the road"--I don't write about mean boys)

I am in editing purgatory.

This is why I am not blogging every day.

This is why laundry, dishes, exhibiting interest in my darling daughter's chemistry homework, and cleaning my cat's ears are wonderful activities to pursue in the act of creative avoidance.

The microwave timer is working on overtime hours.

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