Friday, August 28, 2009

To-do Lists and Moving On to the Next Project

The to-do list is shrinking--wahoo!

*box up books for my adopted mom in Australia DONE
*mail boxed books DONE
*meet a friend and reconnect cause I miss her sunny disposition: We talked and trying to reschedule
*organize a trip to Asheville with a friend. CALLING TODAY

*letter to newspaper watchdog group regarding our HOA being held hostage by our subdivision's developer
*phone calls regarding the situation
*emails to some people regarding the situation/planning ahead

*read through MS and look for white spaces and odd typos SKIPPED IT -- can't face the pages for the zillionth time
*read through and edit synopsis again DONE
*letter for submissions DONE
*put together submissions for the people who requested DONE
*send away and poof, gone... DONE
*write a quick and dirty story without worrying about structure for fifth MS TODAY
*print out the LHAofE grid WILL DO TODAY
*deliver more HOD Workshop flyers. WILL DO TODAY

I received my scores for another contest today--I averaged 103/120 -- 5th in line. Two judges scored me in the 100s and one gave me a 62/120! Ha ha ha...good thing I've had more positive feedback about my sex scenes in the past--but it was an excellent exercise and the other two judges did give me major kudos for the sex scene (published author and award winning unpublished author). It was a contest about sexual tension, and I sent in an actual sex scene. Next year, I'll send in a tension scene if I am not published. Oh well, I know the writing is solid and it is for the book that finaled in the MAGGIES, so I am not feeling too bruised about the bottom dweller score. I looked at the other sets of scores and the comments were about the same--so I guess I'll focus on the positive aspects and punt the negative ones.

I don't want to fix the book again unless someone pays me to do it, or any agent asks me to do it to help her pitch it to a certain publisher. Starting today, it's all new stuff. FINALLY MOVING ON and I CAN'T WAIT!! I am glad I have something new to focus on as I wait for the publishers and agent to read my material and get back to me with their comments.


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Hon,

I love the to do list! Man are you a busy girl! ;-) Well, can you fit in a visit to me blog to pick up an award I gave you?


Christine said...

Hi Hawk--thanks for nominating me! I will need to find ten blogs to nominate now--I love your words!!