Saturday, August 22, 2009


I am a very lucky writer... why?
Because I belong to some amazing writing groups, and I have had the most amazing (yeah, I know it is an echo) writing classes as a result!

I am so happy because I got to participate in Southern Magic's Workshop: FROM THOUGHT TO PLOT. This was part of a larger workshop that Diane Love and Mary Buckham have for writers based on the book, Break into Fiction and is a part of that longer workshop.

These writers, Mary and Diane, were so incredibly generous in their lessons, their time, their insight, their down-to-earth REALNESS... I can't thank them enough for all they gave our workshop and ME.

Blessed. I am blessed. I belong to two super writing chapters as part of RWA. Today I started the work on my 5th MS... and all I had when I arrived was an index card, notes I'd scribbled at a bar when celebrating a first draft completion (I celebrate every small victory), and a thought.

From THOUGHT TO PLOT... it worked! And on September 26, Heart of Dixie has another workshop to build on this knowledge:

Writers' CPR: Jumpstart the Heart of Your Manuscript

It is when published authors, editors, and agents in the industry spend time with us that I am humbled by their gifts...

And to add even more punch to the sundae of super thought: I spent time with my writing friends, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, and we have a plan for making it through the next few months!


M.V.Freeman said...

*raising a glass in toast*
Yes, we have a plan for the next few months, I am so excited! :)

Lets here it for determination, friends, and great workshops that help us!!!

(and yes, I better tone down on the caffiene today...)

Christine said...

Mary--you are so wonderful. Can't wait to see how life unfolds!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Hon!

OMG the workshops sounds awesome! I wish I had been to that one!


Christine said...

Hawk: if you ever get a chance to take part in any program featuring Mary Buckham and/or Dianna Love, go for it! They are two awesome authors and they really made me want to work harder.

Their book, BREAKING INTO FICTION, is a great one to have on the shelves.

I think they have a two-three day retreat as well. Maybe your chapter could host one? GRWA did last year--a fellow writer said it was super one-on-one support as well as great learning/teaching/mentoring.

Christine said...

And the HOD Workshop will be amazing as well--I am unable to go due to a prior commitment, but I'm getting the word out. There's lots going on in the southern chapters. They are so supportive and eager to see us get into the game.

Makes a difference!