Monday, August 24, 2009

This Week's Personal To-Do List

*read through MS and look for white spaces and odd typos
*read through and edit synopsis again
*letter for submissions
*put together submissions for the people who requested
*send away and poof, done
*write a quick and dirty story without worrying about structure for fifth MS
*put together a list of questions for the SFO Green Beret & send
*print out the LHAofE grid
*deliver more HOD Workshop flyers

*organize medical billing/hospital bills/INSURANCE info
*chase down accurate info re: the above line--the joy never ends
*go to school for open house
*the usual everyday chores of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and ironing (yes, I iron--don't mock me--I like it)
*plan a menu for the week
*birthday and wedding cards out (and they are late)
*box up books for my adopted mom in Australia
*mail boxed books
*meet a friend and reconnect cause I miss her sunny disposition
*organize a trip to Asheville

I think there's more--stay tuned.

And hours later, some of the to-do's are checked off... woot!


M.V.Freeman said...

*sigh* I need a goal refresher.

I'm having a Tuesday Moment.


Yours are cool! :)

Christine said...

Mary, I am having a Wednesday MOAN moment-- got seriously bogged down with HOA fighting the declarant stuff and cleaning and medical stuff. BUT. I am getting closer to the most important writing goals.

I set them, I don't always meet them :)