Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Write Break

I've been in a holding pattern for a week now. Waiting for my CP to get the final edits back to me is torture. But that's okay. If I hadn't waited, I'd have sent off my requests without the wonderful line "2009 Maggie Finalist!" AaAAAh.

And I need a few days to clear the decks, so I can totally focus next week when school starts on Monday. All I have planned is a coffee with my friend who has her only daughter starting Kindergarten. I remember that day! Now I have a sophomore!!

As much as breaks, especially ones given to me by forces I have no control over, are a pain, they do give me time to mull and daydream and let my right side kick in before I hit the keyboard again.

Now my in-box is empty, my house is semi-clean, there are groceries in the house, and my right brain is in go mode.

4 More Sleeps and I am back!!

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