Friday, July 24, 2009

Cool Weddings and Why I Write Romance

So I watched this new video and I really want to embed it, but I have no idea how... will try... really.

And in addition to my video embedding challenges, I had to write thank you notes today--and I was a basket case cause they were to potential publishers/agents and I have horrible handwriting. So I wrote it all out on the computer and transferred the info and then I still ended up ripping up 4 envelopes cause I messed up the address either aesthetically or logically.


But I do digress. I am a bit closer. And I have signed up for the M&M in GA and can't wait to do that...

And now it's time to read and relax.

Here's the wedding video, I hope. The Cool Wedding. Seeing the Joy here is why I write Romances--cause I love love love LOVE!


Houston A.W. Knight said...

Hey Sweetie,

Relax you'll do just know what you're doing.

I enjoyed getting together while we were at the Nationals - it was fun, I just wish we'd had more time.

I'm missing the M&M this year {:-( so we'll just have to stay in touch through blogs and e's o.k.?


MaryC said...

Hi Christine, isn't that a fabulous video? I saw it yesterday and it left me grinning ear to ear.

Sorry I missed your comment on my blog. It's been a hectic two days and I never noticed it.

Good luck with the thank yous. I'm SO bad at that. Must improve. Must improve.

Christine said...

Hawk: meeting you was beyond serendipitous. And how cool that I met you randomly on the way to my first pitch ever!! ??? I love it! I am glad we met that way... so real.

Mary: That video was amazing. We grinned as well. It made us laugh! And what gets me is the sheer joy they had during the whole ceremony. And that is what love is all about.... a true celebration!