Friday, July 3, 2009

I am a PRO

I am so lucky to have a friend who works and she KNOWS CLOTHES and who knows how to find GREAT DEALS!!

I admit it--I got lazy--if there was a little skirt on sale and a lot of little summer tank shirts on sale, as well as... before the great belly button issue... jeans I liked... well, I was set. But heck, I haven't worked outside the home in eons and now I must look PROFESSIONAL. And thanks to my friend, I do!

Okay I admit it again--I got lazy about jewelry -- I had NONE. At least none that coordinated. And my friend, and my DD, pulled together my vision of three colors, and the jewelry and I managed a mini business work set of outfits for very little. Best of all, I already had a major amazing dress for the GH night of partying... and now I have an equally amazing, albeit uncomfortable, pair of shoes... RED and HIGH and PATENT to offset my black and white dress.


And best of all, it was not expensive. I went to DSW and Kohls and I managed to come away with a lot for a little!

Sooooo excited. Now the only dilemma I have is how to pick my PITCH OUTFIT? I have TWO now~!

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