Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Annie and Tomorrow and Good Golly Gee!

Okay, still worried about the dang PRO Pin... why did I forget it?

Okay, admit I am feeling slightly OCD and am obsessing about Pin because that distracts me from the real worry: how will the dang pitches go?

Okay, admit I am nervous about the entire event and what will occur. And must admit I am not a Night Owl, yet all events are LATE AT NIGHT. What will I do?

Okay, admit that I am nervous about waking up my roomie--I get up a lot... am not a good sleeper... and I must hit the head a lot... old bladder...

Okay, why am I up now? I must sleep! Really!


Kasaka said...

Hugs! You'll be fine! I'll bet you've had a great meal at Lebanese Taverna already and made many new friends. My thumbs are ready for Friday morning!

Kate Diamond said...

How was the conference?

Christine said...

The conference was amazing! I had a great time, but did take a lot of "alone" moments to recharge. I managed to stay up later than I have stayed up... still paying the price for that one! I was requested by an agent and an editor (well--the MS was requested). I have no illusions, but it is a start and I feel I have a good plan for the future based on the conference.

Now the speakers... amazing!! Janet Evanovich was soooo real. Linda Howard was so funny and ended up making it relate to me, and Eloise James was heart wrenching for me personally.

Now it is back to reality!! Writing, hosting a teen and my teen and all her friends. Oh, cleaning? What's that? I just can't wait till I get a real routine going!