Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Conference Pins Amiss

I have arrived in VA--staying at a friend's house. Getting reacquainted with favorite restaurants and old haunts. I am vilely reminded about horrible traffic in bondage, long waits at the red lights, and general over-crowding, but I am also drooling over the wonderful produce in Wegmans, the culture, the great restaurants and the fun things to do here.

If I could live in both worlds: AL and NoVA, I would.

But that's impossible.

I gave myself a mini preconference panic moment when I realized I had forgotten my PRO pin at home. AACK--amidst all the planning and packing and hoteling and organizing, I had let that one tiny detail drop off the radar screen.

Would they let me into the PRO retreat without my tiny pin proving my rejection? Would I be thrown to the hotel's curb? Nope. My trusty friends who have attended the national conference reassured me that I would not be the only PRO attending without my pin. And I'll get a lovely ribbon and badge denoting my PRO Status. Whew.

And that's the thing: I am a newbie to the conference. A First Timer. A Virgin. Eager, afraid, anxious, excited. All the emotions that go into losing one's innocence. Will I come away from this experience enlightened? I believe so. Will all my hopes be fulfilled? Maybe. I do know I've got a huge slice of cake waiting for me to taste and I can't wait. If there's any more that comes out of this experience, well, that's the unexpected delight of frosting whipped to perfection.

I can't wait to head to the hotel and start my adventure.


MaryC said...

Hope you have a great time, Christine! Best of luck with the pitches.

Christine said...

Thanks MaryC... will you be there? I'll look for you if you are!

MaryC said...

Nope, not this year. Fingers crossed for Nashville though.

You'll have to have enough fun for both of us.

Christine said...

Mary C I am back from the conference and finally catching up! But if you come to Nashville, please let me know! I am 2 hours away and would love to meet you. It's an insanely great experience.