Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bras, Basics. Briefcases and Bungee Cords

The big day looms... conference... RWA National Conference is days away. I have my pitch (thanks to all my friends, hair dresser, writing friends for listening! And supporting! I have new clothes: thanks Catherine!! And I have my computer bag ready and I have new brakes on my vehicle.. and a new purse...
But I had to finish shopping. Bras were on the list. AAAAAHHHHHH. Shopping for bras NOW that I am in the 40s it is like shopping for bathing suits in any age. Glahchghgh. But I did manage to find some. But not a strapless. But I remembered my strapless I had and it will have to work. I AM NOT TRYING ON ANY MORE BRAS.

Blech. How do the cohangas change sooooo much??? I mean really?

I left my house today with a small list: new computer bag thingie for DD, wine, water, snacks. I came home with new brakes... argh. $300 later! But I have all other stuff. Blech more money spent.

We are bringing an extra teen home with us. Must pack lite... and we did.. but ARGH we managed... I have a computer bag, food bag, a clothing bag, a lot of CRAPOLA. Incredible shrinking powder would be nice!

But we managed...

I have high hopes, I have talked myself down... despite hopes... must be prepared... for disappointment... as usual.. I don't want to be.. but... oh I am scared to get tooooo hyped up.... Better to expect nothing. That way I won't be sad if it happens but oh so very bloody happy if it does...

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