Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Accomplishments

Yesterday I worked for four hours and managed to lay down the flesh of the newly constructed framework of the story leading all the way to the end. It still needs editing, but I have actual scenes to edit. Wahoo!! I printed out the last 50 pages and am reading through them this afternoon. My morning is a little shot otherwise I'd do it now, but my darling daughter arrived home at 3:30PM so I lost some sleep, and after going back to bed, I slept in till 7:30--now her piles of laundry and mine are in the washer and I am finally able to catch up.

I'm getting my pencil out for this read through... making changes and going through the entire novel with my find tool with the XXX parts to work on as well as words I use a lot LOL. Then I will print out the final 50 again tomorrow, and do a highlighter edit. Then back into it again. Whatever is accomplished between now and Friday afternoon, is it. I am FINISHED. I need to move on to a fresh story and a new idea.

Not that this one doesn't need tweaking. But at least it is tweakable.

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