Thursday, January 15, 2009

ARGH!! Day Two

Well I had plans but they went to heck in a handbasket when I discovered issues with water in my water meter wells. Darn it!! Phone call interuptus and constant long distance nagging re: issue interfered all afternoon with my writing. Argh!

Today I read through my daughter's DC itinerary and found it to be rather ambitious considering the masses of humanity they will have to battle to get into each venue. The chaperones and tour company have NO CLUE what they are getting ready to drive into. I do, and I am worried. After long discussions about it with a friend in Vienna, VA, I wrote an email to the coach in charge and asked if they could scale back some of their plans to maximize the experience.

Another time buster ARGH!!

Now I still have to work out and get dressed and then I get to write.... and then I get to pick DH up from the airport and go to the school to drop of medication information. And then do I get to write again?

I hope so!!

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