Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday and a Fresh Week

Well it's almost here: The beginning of a new school year and the beginning of new writing challenges for me. Already I am feeling anxious to get rolling on the revision. I know there will be interuptions, but I plan to get it done by the middle of January. Then I can play on the new book!!

Today my only focus is writing because I still have a teen at home. Tomorrow I will try to get my head wrapped around a couple of courses, and I will clear out the office. It's not a perfect start, but the move has taught me to be more flexible with myself and my days. I manage to get a lot done just the same without being uber strict.

I had a critique buddie who got so bogged down in the process of writing that she forgot to have fun! And writing is about both aspects. Without flexibility there is no time to grow and learn from oneself. I find the time off of writing, for whatever reason, leads to better writing. It's as if the forced time away brings one back to the computer more refreshed and ready to tackle the work.

Today my goal is 1-3 hours. That's it.

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