Thursday, January 29, 2009

Index Cards and Indignities

First of all, indignities:

1) I have written for 5 years now -- and during a move. Someone asked me after a ladies' night, "have you written a book" when I said I was a writer. I reply: yes, 3 of them. She replies with a "why aren't you published? What are you doing to get published??" Hello? What a rude bunch of questions!  How does one even answer those questions to non-writers?  I just say, I will publish one day.

2) I hunt down all my rejections over the past 5 years, call RWA Offices to ask which rejection is best to include in my PRO Pin applicaton. Now think about that? Which rejection? And to top it off, in my blabbering, I say, "I can't believe I lost the really good one I had from Silhouette Publishing in the move!" A personal indignity the day before little Miss PhD who is stuck at home with three kids and miserable had the audacity to deal me out the first indignity listed.

Second: Index Cards

1) I like them--I like toting them around with me. I like writing down my scenes and characters on tiny pieces of paper.

2) I also like post its-- I have them in my bathroom now for when I am inspired during the shower. Now I don't run half naked through the house to find a postit and pen to write an idea down if I am in the middle of getting ready for my day (another strange indignity).

3) I need more.

4) I think I should color code them.

5) I think I am in love with index cards and what they mean to me: they mean I am busy getting ready to write my FOURTH book. Let's see what miss PhD has to say about that one!

Ah, I feel better now. And even better than that, maybe I believe I will get published. I don't have control over the industry, but I do have control over my index cards!

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