Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Well I had intended to write at the airport, but I was so tired from all the running around and visiting that I just read. Then on Monday I didn't write at all because the toilets called me to clean them in great desperation. That lead to my cleaning the rest of the bathrooms and driving my hubby to the airport.

Sometimes a step forward ends up leading to a step backwards.

I am starting to panic. I need to get this revision off my plate by the 23rd. I am anxious to get rid of this book, put it to bed and move on to my next book. And what is holding me back? The stupid climax. I know I have to major league rewrite it and I don't want to face it. So I am dragging my feet and my heels into the book this week.

Big stick, hit self. Must write.

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