Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today is the Beginning of "The End"

Today I start pushing forward through the rest of the MS. I thought I'd start yesterday, but with two teens and tons of getting ready for school and baking to do, it just didn't happen.

Teens and baking are distracting.

So today is the start of "the end" and the journey to the last page of the book. I should be writing on it now, but I always have a hard time easing into the work week. Somehow it is easier to squeeze in an hour here and there than it is to write consistently for a longer stretch.

I think I tend to get distracted by the quiet, the solitude and the vast empty spaces in my house after everyone heads back to work and school. That's why I distracted myself with grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen, making the bed, catching up on paperwork, and bumming around on FaceBook.

That's okay. I will start today. I am giving myself permission to fritz around until after I workout and take a good long, hot shower. Then it is BICHOK--Butt in Chair, Hands on Keys for me.

Microwave timer will be my accountability boss.

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