Monday, December 1, 2008

A New Month & New Goals

Well I made it through Thanksgiving, but not its distractions. With company and cooking galore, I didn't manage to get any writing done--not even the 100 words a day. However, I did "touch" my MS once a day and look at where I needed to go so that counts a little, right? I also managed to send in another contest entry on Saturday. After much battling with line counts and margins, losing, not caring and emailing the mess in just the same. What is the deal with the line counts? Margin? Who comes up with these numbers???

Now it is December 1, and I am facing a month of holiday planning, decorating, cooking, and many distractions. Already the husband has said I MUST get the Christmas cards out this week or no one will find us (we recently moved after 9 years in the same spot). And I am digging out of company messes. Bathrooms, laundry and general cleaning must occur. And what does that mean for my writing day? Well, I am definitely sticking to the "100 words" a day through the holidays until my daughter is home for Christmas break. But for me, that means writing a minimum of half an hour a day or more because I am in revision mode. Instead of writing, I am cutting and moving and rewriting, so my word count is very weird. I already cut quite a few words from my MS (and I HATE cutting words so I paste them into another document because I think I might use them somewhere else).

So, now it is back to reality, and housework, and the sincere desire to spend at least 1 hour writing today.

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