Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Writing Thoughts

Well I looked over at my pile of turned pages this morning and I am pleasantly surprised at all the work I've managed to accomplish since instituting the one hour a day writing rule. So far I've turned 52 pages! And I've added two scenes. I am happy with the progress. I know I have cleaning up to do and I know that there are days when I think, this is just CRAP and who will buy it??? But at least it is CRAP THAT IS WRITTEN.

Right now, just the discipline, developing the habits I need to slog through to the end again and again is good to develop. I have a goal of being able to write three books a year--or work on three a year. Draft 1 is easy in comparison to the work of revising repeatedly, but the goal is to be through a first draft and then be working on a revision for another book, or two, and then to market the most recently revised book which would be this one.

I haven't wrapped my brain around the marketing. I know I have to do it again... face the rejections again... but it's hard. And I wonder what it would be like to get "the call." How will that effect my writing when I am asked to make changes for editors? I know it is hard enough to do it for critique partners or contest judges, but it is a process I am getting used to. It is at my own pace and for my own self-fulfillment. Will it be harder to write if I feel I might disappoint an editor? I don't know. I do know that other writers who have gotten the "call" say the same feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt exist afterward. Great! I just love living with doubt. Yet, somehow, we plod along and keep writing through the doubt.

I guess that is the key.

Today I have minor goals. I must go to the store and do a major Costco run. Then I may have someone over for a quick visit around 1pm. Afterward, I will put in my one hour of writing.

It does work!

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