Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing through Illness

When I "worked" outside the home, I'd push through a cold and go into the office if I didn't have a fever. I did this even if my nose felt like a train ran through it or I was in pain. But now, as a writer struggling to get published, I am asking myself, is it worth feeling miserable with a dripping nose? No one is paying me, and no one cares if I "show up" to the computer keyboard. But then I reminded myself, that I CARE.

So even though I spent the better part of last night blowing my nose and feeling like crapola, and even though my nose is drippier than a leaky faucet, I am going to write for at least one hour today.

Of course, who knows what those wonderful cold medications will do to my ability to string together two words or a paragraph???

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