Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Week Moves On

I managed to work over two hours on Saturday, then pushed over an hour on Monday. I skipped Sunday--one day off isn't awful. I am slogging ahead and seeing the book progress forward. This one hour a day goal is a good one because even if I want to skip it, I tell myself, "it's only an hour."Then I want to work. And it is amazing how sitting in front of the computer, working through the "gee I don't feel like it" feeling leads to getting words on the pages! Wahoo.

Today I have to battle the printer to make labels, run to the bank to deposit a check, go to the Post Office to buy stamps for the Christmas cards, and then do the Christmas Cards!

I got smart about the Christmas cards. Ordered them with my new address on-line. Now all I have to do is print labels, add a few checks, a few personal greetings, and off they go. Voila, more time to write!!

An hour is my goal today. I also want to read through my workshop lessons and make notes for the revision.

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