Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Week Slips Away

Everything was fine until I got the call from my daughter about her hand--oops! Tripped over her two left feet, landed funny on her hand, and off to the doctor we went. Wednesday we went to the orthopedist to have it examined... well anyone who's been to an ortho's office knows that is tpically a 2-3 hour wait and exam time. And it was exactly 2 hours! Then lunch, then home, then homework, then cook, then well... no writing on Wednesday at all.

Today I went to Nashville and managed zip in front of the computer till now. And there won't be real writing until tomorrow. Got goodies to make, a party to plan, and shopping/cooking to do for the party. Oh, and somewhere in there I must clean. Thank God I don't have a job I have to drive into on a regular basis. Otherwise, I'd accomplish none of the above.

Tomorrow--1 hour! I promise myself.

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