Friday, December 19, 2008

The Last Day of the Semester

I have one half day left till Christmas break. Wahoo!! I am writing for one hour today--actually decided to punt an entire scene. Not sure what that means for the next scene, but it is highly necessary to move the book along. Agh, I hate cutting scenes, but when I write it on my MS about three or more times asking if I should cut or save, it usually means CUT! Argh.

Does cutting a scene count as writing?

One hour today. Then walk, shop, get ready for a big party, and more. I am going to stick to this. Last night we discussed my going back to work after daughter goes to college. Argh again. I hate regular hours, stupid bosses and no vacation time. I MUST get published before my daughter goes to college. That gives me exactly 3.5 years. And I remember a time capsule we did in the millenium in which I wrote I would be a published author by 2012!! That's not so far away now.

At least I've written three books since I wrote that statement. Now I need to sell one, and quick!! New year's resolution is to write faster, work smarter, and get marketing!!

The countdown begins!!

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