Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Golden Heart has been Mailed!!

I feel like I have crawled out of a cave today!! I mailed the whole kit and kaboodle out this morning. Now I won 't hear anything at all till the New Year. I might hear about finaling (haha as if) by March. But I do have 55 pages of the best writing possible to use for other contests and that is amazing. And, I have a great synopsis that I can work from for the completion of the revisions. I am SO HAPPY.

I learned a lot about myself as a writer and about my family, too. They've been so supportive of me while I've slogged away at the crazy work of revising miniscule details AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. I couldn't ask for better support.

Now I get to play for a bit--actually clean house for company--but I am planning to send the first 25 pages via email to the Linda Howard Award of Excellence this afternoon after I clean house and shower.

Tomorrow I plan a 100 words and I begin moving forward.

Thursday--I am OFF.

Friday-100 words

Saturday-100 words

Sunday-100 words

And then a new week begins and I will be ready to get moving forward on the MS.

And now to the cleaning....

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