Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Personal Write-In

The Writing Playground Blog discussed having write-ins with other writers. I LOVE the idea, but I don't know anyone to invite to a session. And I am so new here, I am out of the loop for invites to these kind of events.

I am bogged down and need to finish the "golden" part of my GH entry. I decided to clear the decks today and tomorrow. I am having a Personal Write-In for myself. I will follow all the time rules for the entire day and work diligently from 8AM-4PM. I also asked my family to leave me alone afterward. I will throw a sandwich out or heat up leftovers, but I am NOT cooking a fancy foo foo meal or driving anyone to dance, stores, or hair appointments.

I plan to post my results tomorrow morning and again tomorrow night.

I am posting my day's results tomorrow morning.

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