Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Noise, Cold & an Uncooperative Scene

Today was rough. I am 2 days away from my personal deadline. I want to finish my Golden Heart Entry by Friday afternoon because I have company coming on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Everything was going along fine until my critique partner pointed out a problem in a scene. I got stuck -- big time. I spent 4.5 hours on the same scene!! And I need to work so much more to get my entry polished.

And during all the frustration, to add to my angst, I am dealing with:

*idiotic ADT service people. Waiting 5 hours for a service call regarding a sensor only to have the service dude show up unable to find a problem and incapable of replacing the sensor... rescheduled to Friday AM. Meanwhile, sensor keeps buggering up and ADT calls to report the problem sensor. I am delaying calling to complain till AFTER the sensor is fixed and my GH is completed.

*service dudes for my new home's crawl space... seriously noisy banging underneath the house and oddly weird to shower knowing they are beneath my floor.

*more service dudes due through Sunday... stay tuned

*cold cold cold... it's so cold in my office, that my fingers turn to ice at the keyboard. I removed myself and went to the masterbedroom... the cats were already there basking in the only warmth the house offered.

So now my butt is in the fire, but I am freezing cold, and whenever I get into the "groove," the doorbell rings or the phone rings or my brain stops functioning.

I want to finish. I want to move on. I am freaked... but in the midst of taking a shower (mainly to warm up), I decided, if the damn thing isn't perfect now, I'll resend it next year. It's only $50 out of my pocket.

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