Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting the Writerly World in Order

This week I have rebooted my goals for the year and prioritized them. I've also figured out the obstacles. Most of them are centered around the household duties and errands I have to perform. I can't do this alone. The Physicist offered to hire a housekeeper, but that's money taken out of the writer pile and we should get this done together. As a team. We'll revisit that one after I get a contract and we see how much the college fees amount to for the Teen.

And speaking of the Teen, she got quite a wake up call after she was Miss Independence Day about her life and me trying to control her. Man, did she pick the wrong day to play the "It's My Life" card. Cause I want a life as well. And you know what, she's right. She should understand the cost of being Independent. She's going to college in August. She needs to learn how to manage things for herself. Therefore, she is officially in charge of her stuff and I will only clean it for a fee. And that's an automatic fee clean. Cause I can't stand smelly clothes and a smelly teen wing with lord knows what kind of crud growing under her bed.

She tried to get things back to the "way they were" but I held my ground. I had my own little Independence Day. I am officially liberated from being the Evil Harping Nag Queen. Why? Cause her fee goes to me and I am motivated to see her not perform so I get $$$ for the RWA National Conference in Anaheim.

I should have thought of this MONTHS AGO.

Any rate, the Physicist is already helpful and he pays the bills with the money he earns so I can't complain about his efforts. I do want a little more help with laundry, but that'll come as I have decided to start laundry when they come home. That way they will at least have to fold and put away for me.

I also realized I have to back down on some of my social media stuff. But that's been in the works for a while. I control the media, it doesn't control me. Amazing what a little time with a James Scott Bell book can do to get my priorities straight. I am stoked about the freedom I've gained by realizing what a drain the household is on me.

So celebrate with me!! I'm have a Writing Revolution! What do you need to let go of in order to liberate your writing time?


Anne Gallagher said...

The Monster, who is only 7, is going to be a handful (is already a handful) when she gets to be a teen. The housework suffers gladly when I'm writing. "I" am the priority in my house.

I have three baskets of clothes to fold and put away, not to mention the ironing. But I don't care. It'll get done when it does. It's not like we have company so it can stay on the dining room table.

The only thing I am meticulous about is the kitchen and bathroom. I have to be. But dust bunnies roam freely the way God intended. lol

Best of luck in Anaheim.

Christine said...

Hi Anne: I am a stickler about the kitchen and the main living area as it's an open floor plan. Dusting is way low on my priority list LOL.

Good luck with the Monster when she becomes a Teen. Mine has been pretty dang great but this Senioritis is out of control.

Lowered the boom. Helped a lot!

Katherine Bone said...

Christine, I've been there, done that. Stick by your guns! That's all it takes. ;)

I've had to use weekends to get my house under control. Weekdays are for working then coming home to write and so forth. If I can get the house in order, then upkeep won't be so difficult, right? LOL!

Christine said...

Hey Katherine: I am sticking to my guns in more ways than one. I think the family doesn't really understand everything a mom/wife does to keep the steamer moving forward. I"m having a writerly rebellion about it all. And no hiring a maid. We should be able to handle it if we work as a team.

I like your idea of regrouping over the weekends. That's what I try to do as well. I get out of the routine whenever we travel or there is a holiday, but I like knowing my groceries are in the fridge, the house is in reasonable shape and that life is in order before Monday hits.


Gwen Hernandez said...

I love this, Christine. Not only is it good for you, but for her too. You already know how much I make my boys do. Funny thing, once it became part of their routine, they hardly think about it. I think they're actually proud of how independent they are, and they appreciate what I do a lot more!

Christine said...

Hi Gwen: Yes. That is so true. The teen was pretty good about pitching in without a set list of chores up until senior year. Then Senioritis arrived.

I'll be curious to know how your sons travel through that year of push/pull wanting to be free but afraid of it at the same time.

Right now I'm avoiding her room. Inspection is in a few weeks. The whole I get paid to clean this mess is really helping not to nag ;-)