Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Five Gadgets in My World

My Top Five Gadgets

1. The iPhone. It connects me to the world via Tweetdeck, phone, messaging, Facebook, apps like the Weight Watchers Mobile APP and more. I love my iPhone. I can't leave home without it. But then I've always been a phone girl. Love to chat.

2. The Nook Tablet. Man is it nice. The color is outstanding, the ability to access books and the Internet makes being a writer and a reader so much easier. I can change my workshop notes into PDF files and save them to my Nook and read them while I am working out on a treadmill. Perfect gadget.

3. My new Fitbit. This little USB device has made me accountable in fun ways as I workout and continue to work toward my fitness and weight loss goals. I snap it to my bra strap and it calculates every step I take, all the stairs I climb (hills are stairs), all my calories burned, and my fitness level. I love my Fitbit. You can find one here.

4. My laptop. I have a MacBook. Right now it serves as my main computer. Darling Physicist has given me a wireless mouse and keypad to use when I am at home so I can work more efficiently. It is small, travels easily, and best of all it has the amazing Scrivener program for writers on it. This program was made for quilter writers like me. I have my own novel template in it and I love love love utilizing it as I piece together my stories.

5. The MINT floor sweeper/mopper. OMG. This tiny little robot has LIBERATED me. I asked for one for Christmas. It goes places no housekeeper can go. I just turn it on and it happily sweeps and mops my entire house's hardwood and tile floors. If it could dust and clean toilets, I'd marry it! Tonks and Mischief are blown away by the MINT. My floors are cleaned almost daily. They look really good. They make me look like a fantastic housekeeper. I'm not. But why spoil the illusion. If you're curious about the MINT check it out here.

So those are my Top Five Gadgets. What makes your world spin a little better?


Ellen Brickley said...

Mine are my netbook and my Kindle. The netbook is small, easily portable and can be brought to work for lunchtime writing sessions, and it's light enough to sit on my lap in bed so I can watch TV.

And my Kindle allows me to read amazing books by American writers that don't make it to the shelves here. It also lets me send my personal documents to it, so I can read my own novel in the same format as other novels, which really makes the mistakes stand out.

That last one may not be entirely good. . . I guess it's beneficial in the long-term though!

Christine said...

Hi Ellen: I am going to look at my novels that way as well. I think it's a great way to see how it reads.

I love my Nook!!

Happy writing and reading my friend :-)

Katherine Bone said...

Very cool top five, Christine!

Mine are:

Redi To Play: MP3 player preloaded with Golden Classics, over 6 hours of music from the greatest composers of all time. Just put in a battery and voila! Love using it while I'm writing. Classical doesn't interfere with my thoughts.

Netbook: Great little piece that I can take with me anywhere. Weighs very little and keeps writing handy.

Ipod Shuffle: Great for listening to my jams when I'm away from a stereo or CD player. Keeps my spirits up. Gotta have my booty pumping music!

Reading Glasses: I'd be lost without them!

Bun Warmer in my car! Nuff said.

Katherine Bone said...

Oh and I forgot to add my Nook and Kindle! (Wait, that's seven. Darn!)

Joan Leacott said...

I'm not a gadget girl, no cell phone, no e-reader. I have a laptop, though if I didn't write, I wouldn't have it. The one gadget that I have fun with is a digital recorder. I use it to record brainstorming sessions with my group. They usually last a couple of hours, so we all get some use out of it. And I record my piano classes, so I can listen again to my teacher's comments.

Lisa Dunick said...

How do the cats do with the Mint? And how does it do with pet hair? I've wanted a Roomba, because our house is all hardwoods and the dust (oh the dust!) is awful sometimes, but I worry that it won't last long with our dog :O)

Christine said...

Kathy: you are like me... always finding new tools for your tech arsenal!

I love it!


Christine said...

Joan: I get what you're saying. I go into the tech world reluctantly yet it works for me:-)

Christine said...

Hi Lisa: I have a friend how is throwing her roomba to the curb. The MINT is awesome. MY cats like to chase it! LOL