Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Party: Celebrating Wendy Marcus's U.S. E-Book Release of ONCE A GOOD GIRL

I've got a special guest visiting the Veranda and she's running an experiment. She and the Physicist need to chat!! But even tho' she's experimenting, Wendy S. Marcus is still pretty gosh darn cool. I love this one!!

Welcome Wendy!!

Hi Christine! Happy February 1st

And right back at you!! Wow, I am so glad you are here to celebrate the release of your e-book here in the U.S.A. Your Number 2 book looks amazing!!

Thank you so much for hosting this impromptu blog party to kick off the release of the U.S. e-book edition of my second Harlequin Medical Romance, Once a Good Girl… And since we’re partying, a hoot and a holler to you in celebration of your triple final in the 2012 Linda Howard Award of Excellence Contest!

Thank you, Wendy. I'm still floored by the Triple Final. :-)

Although you can’t see me, I am holding up one of my finest crystal glasses – which happens to contain a mimosa (heavy on the champagne) - in your honor. And now I’m taking a sip! Yum! (Any excuse to justify a cocktail before noon!)

This is why we are such good friends :-) Sipping with you :-)

Where were we? Oh, right. The e-book release of Once a Good Girl… and my experiment. You see, even though I write for Harlequin, their Medical Romance line is not slated for retail sale here in the U.S. which means you won’t find my book on store shelves or in Harlequin’s print advertising in the U.S. 

That makes me feel very sad, Wendy. The Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Line is wonderful. I've read Melanie Milburne's THE MAN WITH THE LOCKED AWAY HEART and Sharon Archer's THE MAN BEHIND THE BADGE and your debut book WHEN ONE NIGHT ISN'T ENOUGH. And they are all wonderful, diverse stories. I wish more of our U.S.A. Readers could find them on them shelves!!!

Exactly! Therefore, promotion is up to me. With my first book I did a thirty stop blog tour – which almost did me in – to bring myself and my new book to the attention of readers. With my second book I wanted to try something different.
Here’s where you and your wonderful blog visitors come in! Today, February 1st, with everyone who reads this post’s help, I hope to spread the word for an all-out Purchase Push for Once a Good Girl… for Nook and Kindle. If someone plans to buy it, or is considering buying it, would they please make their purchase today? February 1st.

I'm first in the line!! Why are you running this experiment?

Why? Because I’d like to test my theory that if I can get one day of heavier than usual sales it will push my book onto one of the Amazon or Barnes and Noble bestseller lists, thus bringing it to the attention of readers who may not have considered reading a Harlequin Medical Romance before, thus creating increased awareness and, hopefully, increased sales.

What a fabulous idea!!

Now this may not work at all. But if it does, wouldn’t that be great? And for all you new and aspiring authors out there, wouldn’t this be good information for you to know when it comes time to market and promote your books? So what do you say? Will you help spread the word? Will you give Once a Good Girl… a try? Today? February 1st? You can read an excerpt here:

You can purchase the U.S. edition of Once a Good Girl… here:

Links for the UK and Aus/NZ editions can be found on my website: where, if you visit at the end of the week, I’ll have the results of this experiment posted on my personal blog. 
Thank you so much for your help! It is very much appreciated! 

One of today’s visitors who shares where they’ve linked to this post in the comments section, will win a $10.00 (U.S. currency) U.S. Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card.

Wow, thanks for the giveaway and I hope you get lots of sales. Can anyone say GRAY'S ANATOMY?


Regina Richards said...

Hooray! It's out! On my way to buy my copy of Once a Good Girl for my Kindle!

And huge congrats on the triple final!

RedPeril said...

Hello Ms. Wendy!

I love the very idea of your little experiment, and I hope it works! :D

Having originated from the medical field, I feel a certain responsibility to support this. ^_^ So tell me, do you have a medical background, or do you just have a particular fondness for people in scrubs? ;)

~Angela Blount


Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Regina!
Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy Once a Good Girl...

And it's my friend and lovely blog hostess, Christine, who finaled in the Linda Howard Contest.

Thank you so much for your support. It is very much appreciated!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Angela!
Nice to *meet* you! I appreciate your feelings of responsibility to support my experiment!!!

Yes, I'm a nurse. But my editor says, anyone who's good with research can write a medical romance. While the stories take place with the backdrop of medical settings and characters, the books are not, at least mine aren't, heavy in the technical medical aspects.

And I do have a particular fondness for hot, hard men in scrubs.

Thank you for stopping by and for supporting my experiment!

Barbara said...

Hello Angela,
Your book sounds terrific. It's a shame we can't drop by a book store here and pick it up.
Just one more reason for me to finally buy an ereader!

Good luck with your experiment.

Barbara said...

Oh, my gosh, Wendy, I can't believe I wrote Angela's name there. I'm SO embarrassed!!

Jennifer Probst said...

HI Wendy! I am buying it as we speak and a huge congrats and good luck! IT should be on the top seller list so I'm hoping you will get there!! Hi Christine! Love your blog - will be an active follower now that I found it - hope you are doing well!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Barbara!
You made me smile. (And thanks for your e-mail apologizing, again!) As I responded, it's nothing I haven't done before! I'm so glad you stopped by the visit me!

And the paperback edition is available on here: If you're looking for a paperback copy.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Jen!
I know how busy you are and that you have a release today, too. So I extra special appreciate you stopping by to visit me and take the time to buy my book. If your husband can keep the boys entertained (ha ha), it'll be a good airplane read on the way to Disney!!!

Please let me know when your new releases arrive on Kindle!

Christine said...

Hi Everyone--this is so fun!! I am ordering Wendy's book as soon as I get off the Internet (which will be after I leave this comment LOL). If you are in the market for an E-Reader, I can recommend the NOOK Tablet. Love it and the customer support. My Barnes & Noble has classes every Tuesday at 6PM for techo challenged folks like me.


Christine said...

And thanks for the Follow Jennifer :-)

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Christine!
The hostess with the mostess...My mom used to sat that! Thanks so much for having me, and I hope you enjoy Once a Good Girl... Be sure to check out the dedication page!

Christine said...

I checked out the dedication page and I am so honored to be included amongst your writing friends. I wish you all good things and lots of success!!

Nas Dean said...

Happy Release Day, Wendy!

Congrats on your win Christine!

Christine said...

Hi Nas: I am thrilled to be a triple finalist... I'm not sure if I have won, but to be well recognized by the judges is huge.

I'm also super stoked about Wendy's experiment. I can't wait to see what happens.

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Nas!
Thanks for linking to this post on Facebook and Twitter! And thanks for stopping by!

Robin Bielman said...

Hi Christine and Wendy! Congrats on your release, Wendy and I hope your experiment skyrockets book sales for you! It's not yet midnight where I am and I just liked and bought the book! I look forward to reading it!

Best wishes and cheers!

Christine said...

Robin, you will love Wendy's book. Her first book was so good. I can't wait to read the new one.

Hope you are having a fantastic day!!


Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Robin!
Thank you so much for liking and buying my book! I hope you enjoy it!

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Thank you all for visiting in support of my experiment!

And the winner of the $10.00 USD Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card is......

RedPeril (Angela!)

Thank you for tweeting the link to this post!

Please e-mail me at Wendy @ (no spaces) with the email address you'd like the gift card sent to, and whether you'd prefer Amazon or B&N.