Friday, February 3, 2012

Atlanta & All Things Writerly

I am in Atlanta--well technically I am in Alabama writing this blog but by the time it posts, I'll be in Atlanta. Any rate, I will be doing all things writerly with my two CPs. One of them is a Linda Howard finalist with me this year, a Linda Howard 2010 winner, and a four time Maggie finalist and one time Maggie winner. The other is a Golden Heart finalist and a Maggie finalist and winner!! I am in very good company!

We'll be brainstorming new book ideas, talking about craft, listening to a Harlequin podcast (if you are writing category romances this is a great resource and it's free!!), eating, drinking, digesting information. My contribution mentally is my ideas and my knowledge of social media. Although I'm not a techno geek, I am further along the Internet Highway than they are. They are contributing ideas, knowledge, experience. We're all storytellers with different approaches to wrangling our WIPS. That's Works In Progress for my non-writer readers :-)

Which brings me to this question. If you are a reader, a genuine romance fan, and you like category series books like Harlequin Presents, Harlequin Riva, Harlequin Desire, and Harlequin American what kind of stories are you looking for and what are you missing? What kind of heroine and hero are you interested in meeting? Is there a story of your heart that you wish a writer would write so YOU could feel even more connected to the story?

In other words, what do YOU want to see on the bookshelves when you shop for a good Romance Novel?

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