Monday, February 6, 2012

Writerly Wisdom and Critique Partner Bonding

I've had a lovely and busy weekend punctuated with a burst of wonderful news. I'm filled to the brim with new stories and ideas. I've made a new connection with a wonderful person, Sia Huff, who is a Petit Fours & Hot Tamales member. I'm so glad I participated in the PF&HT because I met a her. She is now a part of my little category romance critique circle with Pam Montovani.

And we three had a fabulous time cranking out plots, names, MIDDLE names (don't ask but it was fun and funny), dreaming about going to NYC and telling funny stories about how we all met and our adventures whilst sitting around a table during a Golden Heart/Rita ceremony. Of course, our editors and agents would laugh, right? And then we'd turn to the other wonderful circles of writerly friends we have, the GOOD GIRLS of WRITING Sharon Wray, Karen Johnston and M.V. Freeman and tell even more anecdotes.

And our writer friends, already published when we met them and so helpful to helping us attain our dream of publication would laugh and say you are such a funny and diverse group of women and yet you belong to each other in wise and mysterious and wondrous ways.

So that's what a writerly weekend with writers is like. It's laughing, working, shopping for wine at Trader Joes, celebrating, plotting, dreaming, and playing. Our minds are full. Our well is overflowing. Our lives are going in the direction planned.

And now this week I must execute the plans. For potential without perseverance is potential wasted. And I'm not the type to waste potential. Onward and upward I must go. This means face time with my pal the computer, following up on opportunities, making the most of my time, never surrendering.

The rest of this week's blogs might be a bit short. For I have writerly things to do that will lead me down a busy and happy trail.



Stephanie Jones AKA Alicia Pace said...

Thanks for the link on the loop! I was wanting to see your blog today but hadn't had time to find the address.

I am so glad that things are going well for you! You deserve it!

Joan Leacott said...

"Potential without perseverance is potential wasted." Just what I needed to hear. Thanks, Christine.

Christine said...

Hi Stephanie: So glad you "found" me. I love your blog and read it a lot. I hope to spend more time under the Tulip Tree!!

Christine said...

Hi Joan: that quote is really important to me. The teen's middle school principal reiterated it. And it is true. May all your potential be realized!!


Robin Bielman said...

Hey Christine! Happy writing this week!!

Katherine Bone said...

Christine, it's so good to hear you got to spend time with your critique partners. Rejeuvenating the well is exactly what all of us need, every now and again.

I KNOW you're going to pump out really good work in the next few weeks. Because you've got this great line, "Potential without perseverance is potential wasted."

Hugs! May your fingers actively speed like Speedy Gonzales on the computer keys. :)

Christine said...

Hi Robin: Thanks!! I hope that all the insomnia hours add up to something decent. I know I'm cooking a new book when the brain won't shut down.

Hi Kathy; I am generating a lot of ideas. Now it is time to buckle down and figure out my people. They're starting to talk to me. Well, she is. He's a bit cagey. Might have to ply him with a few drinks to get him to talk. But he's one handsome fellow so well worth the work to get him to open up.