Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cats, Cookies & Characters

I've been a taking a break from blogging for three reasons:

Tonks loves the hutch but she loves to make trouble as well!
1. Character Rebellion: I have two strong characters. I know my heroine. She's fantabulous. My hero is amazing and sexy and wonderful, but NOT TALKING. I was floundering in the 4th Chapter because my hero and heroine felt like marionettes and not people. I know what happens at the end. I know what she and he must go through so they can have each other, but my hero has NOT been cooperating with his story. And after a day of reading and chilling and thinking, I finally figured him out. Well, poor guy just is scared witless. Now I know why. And I can't wait to reveal his secrets to my readers.

I made 4 plus dozen cookies. Yum!
Tons to repackage and sell.
2. Cookies: In addition to being a writerly momma, I am also a DRAMA MAMA. I have banded with three other Drama Mamas to help bring folks into our teenagers' benefit play. They're trying to raise money to get to the South Eastern Theater Conference in Chattanooga where they'll represent Alabama. Pretty cool beans. Which means I am baking lots of cookies and other sundries as part of their fundraising efforts. What is so wonderful about all this is that the moola they raise helps ALL the kids. This is a group who takes care of each other. Kind of intense because my current characters are involved in fundraising as well. But their fundraising is to raise research money to search for an understanding and a cure of a yucky disease which is killing their best friend. Love my teen and her crew. Love my characters, too.

Tonks is so relaxed!
 3. Writerly Cats: The household felines have been taking over the new writing space. When I opened up the office, Tonks found all kinds of new caves to be cavelike inside. And she is chasing the paper, the paper clips and more. She is up to mischief. And speaking of mischief, the Teen's cat MISCHIEF has also returned to the office. A tentative truce is set up. Missy and Tonks are trying to get along for the most part. Much like my characters, it is an uneasy alliance, but they do it out of love for me.

Mischief has returned to visit the office.
She and Tonks are reluctant allies.

And so that is the way of the world in my corner of the universe. 

What's in your world today?


Katherine Bone said...

Aw! Your cats are so cute, Christine! ;)

You've got great company!

Christine said...

Thanks Kathy. They are so fun and naughty and nice all at the same time.

Hope your writing is going well!!