Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decorating Diva on a Roll

I spent a lot of time shopping and planning my changes for the media room. There are still things that need to be added so stay tuned, but I'd like to share the changes. First of all, the room just sort of was plunked together when we moved here 3.5 years ago. I had junk and fake plants in the first dormer window. There was no purpose to the area.

After I tore down Christmas, I also went into the first dormer window and hauled out everything I'd stuck there just "because." Then I evaluated the space. It's too small to put a chair, but it's too big to ignore. The room is used primarily by my Teen's drama group and friends to relax, sleepover, be chill. We use it as a family to watch movies and play games on the Wii. Darling Tonks likes to fly through the air and I'm terrified she'll fly over the knee wall so there is no furniture there. And because the room is used for large group sleepovers, I like to keep the back area modular.

What to do? I decided to get tons of pillows, floor pillows and fun pillows with new colors to cheer up the room and provide teens and grown ups alike (I see writers retreating there *grin*) where they can relax, move freely and enjoy the space.

Phase 1 of the plan was to hang framed record albums in dormer 1, rearrange other artwork, and order the quotes which will be applied next week. Phase 2 of the plan is to get some cool metal artwork that reflects movies and music and decorate the rest of dormer 1 and dormer 2 and round out the room. I'm also getting 4 folding black metal chairs which can be used with the decoupaged black table when the teens/us need to use it for a table but they can be hidden in the attic storage space when not needed.

Here's some pictures of Phase 1:
Big floor pillows to pull and use around the room

The Physicist's framed record albums on the wall.

Another view of the dormer area. We might add storage ottoman cubes to the area later.

New fun decorator pills on the couches. Can be used/mixed and matched with the floor pillows. Cubes are from target and very flexible. 

More detail We took our Disney hand drawn pictures and lined up. They were originally separated into different areas.

We celebrated 25 years at Disney World.

Album details.

More album details.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of the media room's first phase of redecorating. The only thing I won't do is paint it. Too time consuming and expensive if I pay someone else to do it. So I'm using artwork and wall quotes to break up the monotony of the builder tan special color--is that khaki or mushroom?

Have you got any decorating stories you'd like to share with me? I'd love to hear about your highs and lows in decorating. And don't forget to tune in tomorrow for my special birthday celebration. I can't wait!! 


Anne Gallagher said...

Jimmy Buffet, Good-bye Yellow Brick Road, and is that a Jethro Tull I see, also Neil Diamond. I think the Physicist and I have the same taste in music.

Great room. Love the colors. I found my bookshelves at Target and they have been a true god-send.

Christine said...

Thanks Anne. Yes, the Physicist and you must have the same taste. Do you also like Asleep at the Wheel? The Moody Blues? Johnny Cash?

Thanks for the compliment. I am excited about all the changes :-)

Katherine Bone said...

Cool ideas! Love the LP frames. I've got LPs and that would be such a good idea for the covers. Now to find a room to redecorate. LOL!

Keep having fun with this! Looks fabo!

Christine said...

Hi Kathy: The frames are at any hobby store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Not too expensive if you hit a sale and have a coupon. And thanks for the kudos.

I'm having fun...

Now back to work I go :-)