Monday, January 2, 2012

Reflect & Review 2011

I always have a new goal list for the year. But before I write my new goals for the year, I reflect on the prior year's goals. Below are my 2011 goals and the results of my goal setting.

Writing Goals for 2011

*clean and organize office to get ready for the new year DONE
*Finish discovering 4 book series and characters DONE
*Write 5th book 1st Draft and Revise DONE
*Start work on 6th book in 4 book series/Discover/Draft/Revise -- NOT DONE--I had an R&R in February 2011 so I had to stop all I was doing to focus on that task.*Query 10 agents a month NOT DONE--there aren't ten agents a month for me to query as a category series writer, but I do have 2 requests and a lead on one other one.
*Revise 4th book full and resend to agent--NOT DONE due to R&R from Mills & Boon
*enter 4 contests at a minimum with at least 3 manuscripts at all times including the GH--DONE and entered 4 MS in the GH. Finaled in the Fab 5 and got editor request
*Attend Moonlight & Magnolias--DONE
*Attend RWA National Conference--DONE
*Pitch at both conferences--DONE 
*Revise 1st book for fun--STILL REVISING FOR FUN
*build name bible of all names I've used in my books--STILL WORKING ON IT
*maintain personal and guest blogs--DONE
*continue learning about WordPress--GAVE UP
*build my brand name via social media, newsletters and workshop--DONE and continuing to work on it
*work on retreat idea with Kelle Riley--NOT DONE due to personal life happenings
*get an Agent--NOT DONE
*get a publishing contract--NOT DONE BUT SUPER CLOSE
*find a professional mentor--DONE and continuing to reach out to professionals in my genre.
*streamline writing and business of writing with proper schedule--DONE
*Review digital and e-publishers for submissions--STILL WORKING ON IT
*take at least two master classes in craft--DONE
*judge at least two writing contests--DONE
*set Top 5 Priority List and review every quarter--DONE
*coordinate online workshops for HOD--DONE and now they are canceled so I'M FREE
*continue learning and growing in my craft with online courses and craft books.--DONE AND CONTINUING
*attend at least 2 chapter meetings per quarter--DONE
*send in one article per month to my HOD newsletter editor--NOT DONE
*be courageous, strong, and focused in pursuing my dreams and goals.--DONE AND CONTINUING TO DO PURSUE MY DREAMS AND GOALS

I'm proud of all I've accomplished. It feels good and affirms my belief that if you write it down you will succeed. So now I build a new list!!

How did you do this year? Did you have a good year or did life derail you? Did you fight against life's derailments and soldier on? Share your goal meeting strategies with me on the veranda today :-)


Stephanie Jones said...

Christine, you should be so PROUD! All of those accomplished goals should make you feel great about the new year!

Way to go!!

My past year was very distracted but my goal is to be more focused in the coming year. You inspire me to be more specific with my goals!

Christine said...

Thanks Stephanie. I felt really good checking off the things I accomplished. And I always will put the "get an agent" and "get a publishing contract" on it because it will give me great JOY to check those off my list.

You are a wonderful writer and great help to our Heart of Dixie organization. I know you will achieve your goals and writing them down does make so much of a difference.

Happy New Year!

Ellen Brickley said...

That's a super-impressive year :D Well done! I love your posts on goal-setting, wuld love to hear more about your methods.

You forgot one, though. 'Continue to inspire other writers with my determination, work ethic and talent.' DONE :)

Hope you have a fantastic 2012!

RedPeril said...

You are an ongoing inspiration, Christine. ^_^

I just recently pulled out that list of yearly goals you so generously handed to my pregnant, clueless self two years ago this month (Oh, and happy 'adopt a wannabe writer' day a little early.) ;)

I'm SO looking forward to going through the redone list from last year now that I perhaps have half of a clue. >.> I'm pretty sure I accomplished a number of things I hadn't thought to put on there last January.

I'm with Ellen, though. I think you ought to be including the newbies you've taken under wing as among the brightest of your shiny New Year accomplishments. :D May you be blessed in this coming year, and reap back the generosity and encouragement you've sown into others.

~Angela Blount

Christine said...

Dear Ellen and Angela,

You both made me blush with your kind words. I have watched so many writers do so well and if my encouragement has helped along the way that's good to know. We all should be anxious to spur each other on. There is room at the top of the writing pyramid for everyone. I believe that if we put out positive, encouraging energy whether we are published or still trying to get there, then only good things can happen. I am so proud of you Ellen because you do the NaNoWriMo group and you write/work/encourage others in their world. And Angela, I'll never forget you leaning closer and closer to listen to we three writers talking about our goals that blustery, cold day in 2010. Wow, look how far you've come!!! I'm so excited for you and all your possibilities.

So set your new goals Angela and Ellen and keep me posted about your journey. And Ellen, I used the LIFE MAKEOVER book to help me set my priorities and goals for the year. They're flexible goals with very few time stamps on them. The main thing is to put writing before blogging, socializing, meetings, volunteering etc. As important as those other things are, the most important thing is finishing our stories and submitting them.

I know we will all succeed!!


Cynthia D'Alba said...

Very Impressive! Not only did you write down your resolutions and publicly report them, you actually make serious progress on getting them done. Congrats!

Christine said...

Hi Cynthia: Thank you so much for your support and your encouraging words!! I am so excited about this year and all that I plan to accomplish. Writing them down and being accountable is the key for me. And I think that being honest about the ones I haven't met is important, too. If I see a "continuing pattern" I'll have to do a little self-examination and figure out why I put the block in my head.

Hope you have a fabulous writing year and that all good things happen for you!!


KarenG said...

(I had to chase your post down from Facebook) These indeed are heartfelt and wonderful compliments! And I'm in awe of your organizational skills. I need some of that LOL.

Katherine Bone said...

Fantastic achievements, Christine! I've always envied your yearly goal list. I have to admit, mine have always been in my head. Sure is good to watch you cross all your goals off though and makes me reevaulate my penchant for not writing mine down. Perhaps I'll write them out this year... :)

I have to echo everyone else's sentiments. You really are a champion at inspiring others. There's no telling how many people you touch with your blog. Keep writing and keep encouraging us all.

Much love!

Christine said...

Dear Karen: I love your blog, too. You also inspire me. And Yes, WRITE THEM DOWN!! Just writing them makes them seem achievable and real to me. :-)

Dear Kathy: You are on your way to becoming published. I feel it. I am so pleased and proud for you in all you've accomplished this year. I know 2012 will shine and WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN. We'll all reflect and review on our goals next year :-)

Happy New Year!

Joan Leacott said...

Incredible accomplishments, Christine. And thanks for reminding me to add a character bible to my list.

Christine said...

Hi Jean: Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad I reminded you about the character bible. I was appalled last year when I realized I have a penchant for reusing names!! I started it but it keeps growing!!

I hope you have a Happy New Year!