Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tonks is In the House

Please play with me. Or pet me. Or cuddle me.
While I feverishly prepare my entries for the Linda Howard Award of Excellence FINAL judges, Tonks has graciously offered to takeover and write some tips for leading a mini life of kitten crime and getting away with it. Take it away Tonks.

Meow, chirrup, purr... she doesn't know it, but I'm sitting on Christine's dining room table. I have put my pitty pat paw prints all over it, but... oh crap... here she comes. Quick, I am putting on my cutest kitten face. 

Purrhup... rubbing my soft head against her hand... yup... Christine is a sucker for the cute I-want-to-cuddle pose. Ah, she's so easy to train. Right, she's picked me up and put me on the floor. She admonishes me in that sing-song voice which only makes me want to bounce right up on the table... and yup, do it again....

Timer beeped! Timer beeped! Timer beeped!!! Here comes Christine--she looks tired. She's getting tea... I jump up. Meow? Want some love? Purr  purr purr. How can she possibly resist me? 

If I keep searching I will find the treats.
Treat? Want a treat? Treat Tonks? She asks. I am on the counter but she's still giving me a treat. Life is good!! Man did I hit the jackpot when I got adopted by this family.

I bounce over, act cute, and not just one treat, but FOUR!! Yes, I am gifted like everyone else in this family (even the Teen's cat Mischief is too smart for her own good). Yummy. 

Oh man, timer beeped and she's... she's... going back into her office to write. Maybe if I sneak in and attack the printer she'll toss me some rolled up paper and play with me....



Joan Leacott said...

Thanks for the smile, Christine. At one point, we had a surprise delivery of five kittens in the house. We never laughed so much or got so suckered for treats.

Christine said...

Thanks Joan!! Glad we made you smile :-)

Robin Bielman said...

Love this! Mind if I steal this idea with my dog?

You are so going to rock the awards! Cuz you are most excellent! Hope you've had a good week so far. :)

Christine said...

Hey Robin: I've had a very productive week. Took a little time off to catch up on household errands and now it's back in the saddle again so to speak.

We're going to have a great year!! I can' wait to celebrate your debut on the Veranda.

And by all means take this idea and run with it -- I'd love to know how your dog blogs :-)