Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Boxing Day and Gift Review

Well I had a fantastic Christmas Day. I was thrilled with all my presents. I got everything I asked for and more. I don't ask for a lot, but they came through in spades this year. The Physicist and the Teen gave me a MINT floor cleaner which I have wanted ever since I saw my friend's MINT to it's cleaning tasks. I can't wait to use it today to see how it cleans. Then I got Sirius Radio for my car and I am super happy with that, too. I am getting it installed this week. I also got tons of Bath & Body Works lotions, shower gels, body butters and fragrance spray in my current favorite scent, White Citrus. They gave me cool gloves which allow you to text while wearing them! Santa brought me fun mints, hand cream, thisis and thatises. All fun.

I'm also really thrilled with the surprise the Physicist and the Teen concocted for me. I got a headshot session to set up in 2012. This makes me happy on all kinds of levels. I wanted to set one up for the new year just in case, maybe, one day, in the near future I actually need a decent back cover shot. And that they believe in my dream enough to give this gift means the world and more to me. I'm super super super happy and excited about this gift.

The best gift I received was time spent with my family. We chilled out, we went to see a fantastic movie, we cooked a lovely meal, we watched a fun television show series on DVD. Simple things. Simple pleasure. Simple life. But a life I cherish.

I hope your day was equally as bright and merry!


Tami Brothers said...

Yay! Good for them, Christine. That is very cool. I think they are definitely behind you, girl.

Can't wait to see them. :)


Christine said...

Thanks Tami! I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas break!!