Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Survival Guide

I've been a single parent during most of the Christmas season due to darling Physicist being away for massive work in Germany. The teen is fairly self-sufficient, but there are problems that rise up and must be dealt with on an regular basis. It's tough to be a girl in this world and she's not always happy with herself or her looks despite all that I've done to encourage her to be focused on her brains, her talents, her compassionate heart. But of all times for the Physicist to be gone, this one is the hardest. I feel for the military families out there who have loved ones deployed and in dangerous zones. They have it far worse. But pain is, as they say, relative. So how have I survived these past few weeks when I have no family here and I am new to the area--fairly new as I've been here 3 years but it's hard to find new friends.

Here's what I've done to survive a Christmas season without hubby by my side:

*arranged for lots of fun day things to do with my few friends. I've been to Historic Decatur and Historic Albany for a tour and a lovely lunch with a writing friend.
*My weekends are planned for me. I had a great time in Florence on the 2nd as I watched my daughter perform in her theater department's one act play competition. Her cast won Best in Show and is going to Chattanooga, TN in the new year to participate in the Southeast Regional Theater/Trumbauer Competition. Best of all, I got to share this happiness with a new friend and her daughter.
*Another weekend was planned via my writing chapter's Christmas party on the 10th. It was during the day and it was nice to see the people I have missed spending time with due to so many obligations and commitments. The food was nice, too.
*I ordered almost all the Christmas presents from Easy peasy lemon squeasy. I'm wrapping as they arrive. Darling Daughter helped order her dad's presents one night. We sat in the Master Bedroom with Tonks (who is confined to the MBR suite area due to her spaying surgery) and had fun ordering presents.
*I have been working out regularly and taking care of my body. With the Physicist out of town for three weeks, I haven't had to cook much so we're living on Weight Watcher's frozen meals, rotisserie chicken and bananas. I've lost 2.5 pounds since he left on the 30th. I'm happy to announce I've lost a total of 18 pounds!! I am almost at my first major goal -- 10% of the way to my final number. I have 12 more pounds to go to reach my happy number.
*I had my cat spayed during the time he was away. It's easier to stay in the MBR Suite without having to worry about keeping the Physicist company.
*I've scaled back my usual Christmas running around and baking agenda. I made the cards on iPhoto and ordered them with only a four sentence letter inside. I haven't worried about the building of our usual Calendar which we give away and I'm not worrying about the photo book I will make for my mother. I haven't baked or made homemade goodies for the neighborhood, either. This is my year to relax and not do it all.
*I haven't cleaned the house. I just keep up with day to day maintenance.
*I am enjoying my writing and my reading time.

So that's how I am surviving the holiday season without my hubby. How do you survive?


Pam Asberry said...

The past three weeks have been a flurry of travel and parties for me, Christine; now I have to face myself and figure out how to survive the holidays as a truly single person, with children. Your post is inspiring. Wish me luck!

Heidi said...

I have cut back a lot as well. I made no plans for any weekend in December. I took an extra day off work to do shopping so I didn't have to run around on the weekends. We did an easy Christmas card on-line, too. I love that I can self-print shipping labels for packages from the post office and that the mailman will pick it up so I don't have to go to the post office. The biggest thing is that I am just not worrying about any of it. It will get done or it won't. People who love me will not be insulted if their gift or card is late.

Christine said...

Hi Pam: I am so glad you had fun on your cruise, but it is hard to be single parent during this time. I hope you do lots of extra special things for yourself so you feel rested and ready to write in the new year.

Hi Heidi: I am like you--if it comes late it comes late. There are only so many hours in the day and my priorities are family (me and my teen at this point), kittens, writing, friends, and then the rest can happen.

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family :-)