Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Facebook and Current Status

I'm working a bit today. I have been working for about an hour a day except for Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Boxing Day. I'm not writing a lot as I am in revise mode, but a little every day will prepare me to write faster and smarter when the new year begins.

I'm excited about the new year. 2012 has tons of possibilities. I've got a lot to catch up on from 2011, a new goal list to make and a brand new critique partner to add to my cadre of critique people. It's small, but I am excited about the level of their writing, the commitment they've made to writing, and the way their work will help me achieve my goals, too.

I've got a few "housekeeping" details to take care of as well.

Here is one. I have a Facebook Fan page and I'm trying to drive up the numbers of "likes" I have on it. If you click here, you can check it out and "like" me.

I also have to go back on my dreaded diet. No more Twinkie Tiramasu for me. I'm working out, but the food intake is not balanced by the exercise. A bit of a weight gain. Nothing substantial, but I can't go backwards. Stay tuned and stay with me in 2012 when I start posting my healthy recipes and diet/exercise adventures. I've got roughly 10-12 pounds left to lose and then the maintenance. I'm on Weight Watchers Online and will ramp up my use of the tools in 2012.

There are a lot of loose ends to tie in the personal department. Teen is checking out colleges, I've got an overflowing in-box. And the house needs some handyman touchups. The good news is I have a wonderful clean floor thanks to my new MINT floor sweeper and mopper. This tiny robot really does do a good job. It's worth every penny. If it could vacuum it would be perfect.

I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday with your friends and family. On Friday I will check in and share my goals with you for 2012 as well as review my 2011 goals. And if you haven't got a Top Five Priority list, I will walk you through the steps.

Happy Holidays!

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