Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Counting in Life

We're counting all kinds of things in the Glover Household. 

Tonks is counting sleeps till she has her Cone of Shame removed and her stitches taken out. Total left for Tonks before she is liberated is 5 Sleeps. Darling Teen is counting sleeps till school lets out. Total sleeps till she is liberated is 6 Sleeps. I am counting sleeps till the Physicist returns from Germany. Total sleeps till she's hugging her hubby is 6 sleeps. We're all counting sleeps till Santa shows up. Total sleeps till we unwrap the day is 11. 

I'm counting calories and watching the scale numbers. I've lost 19 pounds and hope to lose 1 more pound before the Physicist returns from Germany. Darling Teen is counting calories as well. She's losing weight, too. 

There are a lot of things to do on my lists before Christmas arrives. Lots of counting and checking off the accomplishments. Personal tasks left to accomplish before Christmas are cleaning house, shopping for the holidays, wrapping presents, sending Christmas cards, making our family calendar, making a photo book for a family member, meeting with friends to exchange gifts and spend time together. On the work front I am counting contest entries, writing blogs, story boarding a current WIP, and making decisions about my future as a writer. 

There's a lot of counting. But the most important thing I've learned is that when I am down and out and feeling overwhelmed because the Physicist has been out of the country for 15 days and counting that I count on my friends to pull me up and out of the doldrums.

Who do you count on? 


leslie tentler said...

Hi Christine, poor Tonks! The cones of shame are terrible! Congrats on the weight loss - that's terrific. I'm working on that, too, trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle that involves more than sitting in front of a keyboard.

Christine said...

Hi Leslie: I know. It's so hard to move but I do. I pay myself a quarter for every workout. It goes in my writing motivation jar. The healthy writer is a better writer. Tonks will be okay. I think what is most tough for her is the "isolation" as I must keep her away from the other cat's litter box LOL. She's just like me: A social butterfly.

Hope your writing is going well and good luck with your goals to get healthy!!

Jean Hovey said...

These days, I am mostly counting on my fingers. Why do I let Christmas do this tome.

But Word Count is always an issue. I write long.

Jean Hovey said...

See what I mean. Tome? As in a big book? I meant to me.

Christine said...

Jean you just made me laugh so loud. Yes. Counting words is another thing I count. I write short and have to ADD words. Then I still cut and add more later.

Happy writing and Merry Christmas!


Robin said...

Congrats on losing nineteen pounds! At this time of year, that's awesome.
Happy Holidays!

Christine said...

Thanks Robin--feels good to have all that pudge off my body. Hopefully my thyroid will behave this year and not throw me off track. That's been my biggest problem
with the gains.

Have a safe holiday season!!