Monday, December 19, 2011

Ah, Statistics & Triumphs

I've been on a diet program to lose weight since the end of July. The weight gain wasn't really my fault--thyroid went wonko on me--but I sure did want to lose it once we adjusted the medication dosages. I can tell you it is mighty frustrating to have to lose the same 20 pounds 3 times in 3 years due to thyroid issues, but I am determined to beat this once and for all. I talked to my doctor and said I was declaring war on the thyroid. As soon as the scale stops cooperating and going up, we are testing my levels ASAP. No more "waiting" or "blaming myself" then "hiding from the scale because it is so darned frustrating!"

Nope. Nada. Nix.

I have worked very hard to lose this weight. I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, I walk and do other exercises when I can't make it to the gym, and I have actively followed the Weight Watcher's Points Plus program. The weight hasn't slid off my bones quickly, but it is coming off. I have a way to go before I will be satisfied, but for now I am thrilled with the results.

Yes. Yup. Uh Huh. I am going to brag about the losses and share my stats.

Since the end of July I have lost the following amounts:

19 pounds!!
5.5 inches off my waist
3.5 inches off my hips
1 inch off my thighs (they were already tiny and as small as they were when I weighed 20 pounds LESS than my current weight)
0 off my arm (I work out regularly. Arm is normal sized)
7 inches off my navel circumference
3 inches off the bust line

I am so happy! I can fit into all my old jeans comfortably and my energy levels are much higher. Now when I work out I don't see the "fat person" in the mirror. I see my old self. A reasonably fit and healthy woman who takes care of herself. I feel like taking on the world and I am so happy my doctor is on board with my battle plan.

I am sharing this with you because if you are over 40, female, and noticing changes in your ability to fight the weight, I know you might not be to blame. Your thyroid might be the cause.

In my case, I have Hashimoto Disease. Hashimoto Disease, the most common autoimmune thyroid problem, is not something you can fight by yourself. So if you feel you are battling these symptoms, then run to your doctor and establish a battle plan for yourself. If you are over 40, your TSH levels should NOT go above 2 or 3. Trust me!! If your doctor is the old school doctor who thinks you should just eat one less cookie and you'll lose weight when that number is over a 3 and you're over 40 years old, then run to another doctor who will listen and work with you.

Other things to consider when trying to stave off the weight and keep the thyroid function good are to avoid white carbs and exercise regularly. Even if you only walk for 30 minutes a day, you'll notice a change in your energy levels.

This isn't about being high school skinny or a size 0 (which is very unhealthy for women going through the change -- a little fat is good). This is about being in good shape and feeling good about yourself as you age.

I'm determined to live well into my old age as a strong, fit, vibrant woman. Are you?


Ellen Brickley said...

Well done :D that's fantastic! Also, thanks for sharing your diagnosis, it's good for women to be aware of these conditions.

I'm planning to change my diet and lfiestyle in the new year - I want to be healthier :) I'll be joining you on your journey! Ellen vs The Chocolate. . . this could be an epic battle!

Christine said...

Hi Ellen: Yay!! Good for you. Chocolate is okay but only in small doses!! Keep me posted!


Pam Asberry said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I am struggling to get my thyroid levels back to normal right now, and it is very frustrating at times. Your statistics give me hope. Thank you for sharing!

Christine said...

Hey Pam, I'm glad my stats gave you hope. Check out the Thyroid diet--particularly for Hashimoto's. I think it might help you as you regain normal balances.

Happy Writing!